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Growing up in our house we loved all things mechanical, and this was often a topic of conversation around the kitchen table. Our Dad was a building contractor who loved his work and got a real kick out of completing jobs to the highest standard.

We often think back to those conversations we had each night as we ate our dinner and talked over the day. It still sticks in our minds the recurring theme of the frustration Dad had as to how often the equipment he hired failed him – breaking down and costing him precious time and money. Despite these frustrations, this experience proved to be a valuable lesson to Dad and has stayed with us as a family through the years. He’d felt first-hand what it was like to have your success impeded by factors outside your control, and it really embedded the importance of being able to trust the equipment you were using on your job.

One day we thought, this isn’t an isolated problem; lots of people struggle with finding trusted suppliers and quality equipment — this is a problem that we can fix. And so we’ve spent the last 15 years doing just that — supplying quality parts and services to keep contractors moving.

Back in 2004, when we were sitting around the same kitchen table one night talking about what to call our business, we landed on TKV — it just sounded right. Many of our customers will remember us as Tuff Stuff Australia. But in 2019, we realised we’d outgrown this name and felt compelled to go back to where it all started — and TKV was born again!

Today, we provide complete track and undercarriage solutions to owners and operators of fleets of tracked machinery right across Australia, whenever and wherever they need them.
We’re still “TUFF” and we still keep you moving but, now, we’re TKV.
Tracks in a TKV location
TKV working on a Cat Challenger 85e tractor
New rubber tracks on a Kubota svl75

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