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2020 was strangely a year of positives for many in the agricultural sector despite the global upheavals of Covid-19, Looming USA elections and threats from China.

Staying on top of your excavator’s maintenance

Your excavator’s maintenance is probably one of the most critical tasks that should be completed daily. Everything decays with time. That apple you left on the counter over the weekend; that 1993 Lancer you used to have that always trailed a haze of blue smoke wherever it went; those boots that got left in the shed for a year that ended up mummified: everything has a use by date.

Should I Buy Cheap Tracks Online?

I guess this is one of the most common questions I get asked these days, and before I answer it, let me give you some back-ground information and insight to give perspective. Prior to the GFC, there was a world-wide construction boom. Earth moving and mining machinery was selling faster than the manufacturers could make it and rubber track mini-excavators were no exception.

Rebuilding Service for Excavator Tracks

TKV Group have introduced a full trackline for rebuilding Excavator Tracks.

Launching: TUFF® SuperSeal® Chains

Squeaking chains after 1000 hours? Sprockets jumping after 2000 hours? Chains seizing, pitch stretching or shoes coming loose? Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you
looking for

Undercarriage components, such as sprockets, rubber tracks or track adjuster, for your Case skid-steer loader or excavator? Use your Case’s model number to make a search in the search engine