Excavator Steel Tracks


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Do you have worn or broken tracks?  Having troubles keeping these parts on, especially on slopes or in soft conditions?  Maybe it’s time for a new set of TKV steel excavator track chains for your mini excavators and machinery.  TKV supplies links from 90mm pitch to 260mm pitch inclusive to suit most makes and models of excavator, dozer, trencher, borer and much more.

The TKV “Fair-Go- Guarantee” is an expression of the confidence we have in our product.  For example, to ensure only the highest quality levels, all bushings are subjected to a special induction heat treatment which hardens both the inside and outside surfaces.  This thorough treatment significantly increases the service life of TKV’s products.

All track links are forged (not cast) and subsequently processed on high-tech automated CNC machines. This guarantees a very high level of accuracy, thus better fitment. The carbon steel alloy selected ensures that the design does not become brittle through the heat treatment yet retains a depth of hardening for long term wear characteristics.


TKV excavator track chains are typically a sealed and greased type construction. This style of chain utilizes a plastic seal between the link and the track pin with a synthetic grease lubrication and is very rugged and strong. 

The advantages of greased track links are:  

  • The seals prevent soil infiltration and keep the grease in the track links – increasing life. 
  • The pins are greased before pressing, so that they are resistant to weather influences and corrosion. 
  • There is minimal play between the pin and the bushing, thus preventing premature wear. 
  • This combination results in a 20% longer service life for the track links compared to dry chains. 


Due to the increased mobility and speed of tracking, bulldozer track links are usually oil lubricated – known as SALT chains (Sealed and Lubricated Type).   These chains use a wet bushing with oil trapped in the bushing to ensure that the pin and bush joint is kept constantly lubricated. 

All TKV’s SALT chains have a split master joining system. This is essentially a track link-joint which consists of two separate parts that fit into each other and is bolted together through the track shoe.  

With SALT chains, there is more play between the pin and the bushing than with greased track links. After the pin is pressed, the space between the pin and the bushing is vacuumed and filled with oil.  High quality seals are essential for preventing excess wear to an oil lubricated track link. 

The advantages of oil lubricated SALT track chains are:  

  • The optimally sealed joints provide long life in high mobility and speed applications 
  • The split link master joints do not require a track press for fitting or removal 
  • Oil lubricated chains are typically heavier and quieter in operation than greased chains 

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TKV’s extensive range of excavator tracks and undercarriage parts, combined with our full-service capability, means our customers can rely on us to provide the support and expertise they need, when they need it.


To obtain a Quote or for more information select the make and model of your machine then select the parts you require.

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